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Vets Reveal 11 Symptoms In Your Dog That You Should Never, Ever Ignore

Swish London Blog - Vets Reveal 11 Symptoms In Your Dog That You Should Never, Ever Ignore

One of the best ways to spot serious medical problems is by paying attention to what is going on inside your body. Unfortunately, our pets are not able to tell us when something is wrong inside of their bodies — or are they?

Just in the same way that we should be on the lookout for certain symptoms in our own bodies, there are also signs and symptoms that we can observe in our dogs that let us know when something is very wrong.

Veterinary specialist Dr. Justine Lee writes, “Playing doctor to your pets can be dangerous,” and points out that there are many cases “when you must ask a vet.”

But how are we supposed to know when we should be concerned enough with our dog’s symptoms to take him or her to the vet?

While this list should never take the place of medical advice, this is an exclusive look into the signs and symptoms that indicate something major might be wrong.

The most important thing to do when you observe these symptoms in your dog is to get them medical attention. After all, your pet can’t use words to tell you what’s wrong, so it is your job to make sure you get them to someone who can.

This is some of the most important information I’ve seen in years, and I am so glad I know this!

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