Steadfast Collar – Black


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The Steadfast range is Houndworthy’s luxury utility line of premium leather dog collars, designed for dependability and longevity under most conditions a working dog will encounter.

Created by a master saddler plying his trade in the Scottish Highlands, each collar is meticulously cut by hand and then shaped and sewn into these stunning working dog collars.

Fashioned from military grade traditional English Bridle Leather from J. & E. Sedgwick & Co, this stylish nut brown leather heavy-duty collar features a flat brass retaining loop and solid brass buckle.


The HOUNDWORTHY Steadfast collar comes in 3 sizes.

Small = 26 x 34cm x 2.5cm
Medium = 27 x 36cm x 2.5cm
Large = 34 x 43cm x 2.5cm


Contrasting hides of authentic Sedgwick English bridle leather are combined to create a stunning new addition to the HOUNDWORTHY Collection. Meticulously hand made in England, this gorgeous collar features polished brass hardware and is embossed with our world famous marque.

Additional information

Both collar and lead in either colour are fully interchangeable – choose the look that works best for your individual style.


Please allow between 2-3 working days for all HOUNDWORTHY products to be delivered.


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