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Lord Lou

The Miles blanket from Lord Lou is the ultimate dog travel blanket. With its practical straps made of vegan leather you can easily roll it up and carry it during your next adventure with your four-legged family member. The blanket itself is a travel version of the famous Blitz blanket making it the ultimate comfortable and warm blanket for your dog to unwind on. The ultra-soft faux fur is made of a variety of brown and cream colours. Together with the optimal density of strands it perfectly recreates the aspect of genuine fur. Not only is it ultra-soft and inviting but it is also beautiful to look at.


The Miles Travel Blanket from Lord Lou comes in 2 sizes:

Small = 80cm x 60cm x2cm
Medium = 100cm x 80cm x2cm


The Miles Travel Blanket from Lord Lou is a high-quality faux fur blanket.

Additional information

Please wash at 40 Degrees Celsius to sustain the quality of the material. When your pet rests at the foot of your bed, you can keep things clean. That way, you can rest comfortably as well. Take your pet miles away, without taking it too far as far as convenience goes.


Please allow between 7-10 working days for all Lord Lou products to be delivered.


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