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Pampered pets in ‘Country Life’

Swish London Blog - Country Life Magazine

Here at Swish, we love to put our pooches on pedestals and we love to shower them in the luxury they deserve. Nothing is ever too much trouble to make our little fur babies feel pampered and adored, and Swish dont just indulge in glamorous, we love celebrating all things country. This summer we were super excited to be featured in Country Life magazine, in an article highlighting the lengths we go to in spoiling our pooches. Country Life mentioned our stunning Emma Firenze ceramic dog bowl – they love it just as much as we do!

Pampered pets in ‘Country Life’ Swish London Dog Accessories

Emma Ferenz ceramic dog bowl £69.99 to £79.99

Pampered pets in ‘Country Life’ Swish London Dog AccessoriesAnother one of our brands to get a mention was the beautiful Lord Lou hand crafted and stitched, saddle – leather dog collars. These strikingly bold coloured dog collars are made in France and only use vegetable based dyes for the safety.
Lord Lou Ascot collar – £145 to £180

To continue celebrating luxurious country style accessories for pets, we want to share our ‘ Top 3 ’ favourite country styles from our brands selections.

  1. Hunt and Wilson tweed bed in sage – £150 to £199
  2. Pippa & Co. Large classic blanket in oatmeal – £195
  3. Houndworthy – steadfast collar in nut brown – £28 to £32

There were extraordinary items highlighted in the Country Life article including dog beds valued over £11,000. We will go to any length to ensure they are cozy and comfy, even if it does mean we splash out more on our dogs sofas than we do on our own. But we don’t mind- because our pets are worth it. The joy we feel when we see our precious dogs and cats being spoilt rotten is priceless.

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