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Our Story

SWISH LONDON sells quirky, exclusive accessories for pets with impeccable taste. Inspired by timeless British style and practical design, our range brings out the eccentric in you and your pet.

SWISH LONDON is for pets who prefer a chaise lounge to a basket and a doorman to a dog flap. We celebrate a very British tradition of eccentric pet lovers, those offbeat individuals for whom pets are part of the family. We’re inspired by irrepressibly stylish dog-owners like Edward VII, whose beloved Fox Terrier Caesar had his own footman and a bespoke collar engraved with ‘I am Caesar, I Belong to the King’ and Vivienne Westwood with her range of canine haute couture.

Swish London believes in bringing luxury and quality to accessories for stylish pets and their owners. With an eye for the exclusive, we meticulously select the very best. Our products are handmade by British and European designers and are guaranteed to bring out the bold in you and your pet.

We hunt down the highest quality coats, beds, collars and accessories in soft velvets and plush leathers with a little added sparkle.

We bring a taste of the catwalk to walking the dog with top clothing brands for you to promenade your pooch in style.

As Virginia Woolf wrote of her beloved cocker spaniel Pinka, ‘Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.’

Swish London is proud to be part of that special relationship.

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