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Medical Detection Dogs Swish London Dog Accessories
Medical Detection Dogs Swish London Dog Accessories

SWISH LONDON is proud to be in support of Medical Detection Dogs and has partnered with the charity to help raise funds for this sensational organisation.

SWISH LONDON believes that it is our business responsibility to give back to the community and Medical detection dogs is a charity, which we feel extremely passionate about.

Medical Detection Dogs are a charity dedicated to training dogs in the detection and recognition of human disease by odour. The dogs prevent medical emergencies, save human lives and improve quality of life.

There are two significant areas of work at the charity:

Bio Detection Dogs

Bio Detection Dogs are trained to detect the minute odours associated with may cancers and other diseases to assist with early diagnosis.  This pioneering work could help scientists and medics develop faster, cheaper, non-invasive methods of diagnosis that could impact upon thousands of lives.

Working in conjunction with oncologists, scientists and NHS Trusts, we are continuing studies into colorectal and prostate cancers and have published several scientific papers about our work.  In addition, we are exploring the dogs’ ability to detect a number of other cancers and diseases including: Parkinson’s disease, malaria and bacteria.

Medical Alert Assistance Dogs

Medical Alert Assistance Dogs are trained to assist individuals who manage complex medical conditions, such as diabetes, on a day-to-day basis. The dogs are taught to identify the odour changes that are emitted prior to an emergency and alert the person to take preventative action.

Our dogs are currently working with people with: Type 1 diabetes, Addisons disease, PoTS, pain seizures and severe allergies. There are currently 81 dogs partnered to people with chronic conditions across the UK and with more funding this number will increase.

By assisting individuals with their conditions our dogs help reduce paramedic call outs and hospital admissions: giving people and their families greater confidence and independence, enabling them to lead a full and happy life.

The charity receives no government funding and relies entirely on charitable donations.

Regular updates from the charity will be available on the SWISH LONDON News page. Regular updates will also be available about the funds raised for Medical Detection Dogs from SWISH LONDON.

There will be an option for you to make a donation at the end of your shopping experience, at the shopping basket. Alternatively, please donate using the link below.


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