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Luxury Dog Beds – Everything You Need To Know!

Swish London - Luxury Dog Beds

Luxury Dog Beds – Everything You Need To Know!

Dog beds come in plenty of different shapes and styles, but there is a big difference between basic beds and luxury dog beds. This isn’t simply down to the aesthetics either! Sure, luxury dog beds look a lot nicer, but they have plenty of other great benefits. Let’s look at some of them in more detail.

Joint Support

It might not always seem like it, but dogs sleep a lot! Usually, around 10 to 18 hours a day, depending on their age. While your dog might occasionally jump in your bed, it’s important they have their own space to rest.

A luxury dog bed will give your dog its own space to rest and relax, but more importantly, it will help its joints stay healthy. As your dog gets older, they can experience issues like arthritis and hip dysplasia, to give just two examples.

Luxury dog beds help provide extra support to joints thanks to their use of specialist materials. For example, some of the luxury dog beds from Hunt & Wilson feature memory foam and waterproof linings.

Better Sleep

Dogs are just like us in many ways; like us, they feel better after a good night’s sleep! A well-rested dog will behave better, be more likely to learn new commands, and be more relaxed. Posh dog beds give you a great way to ensure your dog always gets a good night’s rest, so it’s ready for the day ahead.

You have many leading luxury brands to just from, including Oscar & Digby, Lord Lou, and more. You’ll find beds of all shapes and sizes, so whether your dog is a growing pup or a fully grown Great Dane, you’ll find a bed that is the perfect fit.

Easier To Clean

Dogs can be messy animals, especially when they’re growing up, so you’ll want a bed that is easy to clean. Many luxury dog beds offer removal covers that you can easily take off and put through a wash cycle.

Many basic dog beds have an all-in-one design that makes them much more difficult to wash and dry. So, opting for a luxury dog bed will definitely help with hygiene. Washing your dog’s bed won’t just help your pooch stay healthy. It will also be sure to enjoy the feeling of a freshly washed and dried bed!

Gives Your Dog Its Own Space

What pooch wouldn’t like the idea of shopping for posh dog beds if they could? Getting a luxury dog bed will give your dog its own special place to relax away from the hustle and bustle of home life.

You might not always realise it, but even the most energetic dog will want a play to relax and enjoy some quiet time. Getting a high-quality luxury dog bed will give your dog the perfect place to relax.

This will help your dog feel calmer and happier around your home and will have a huge impact on its mood. If your dog is unhappy or stressed, upgrading to a new luxury dog bed could make a big difference!

They Look Amazing

While it’s true luxury dog beds offer much more than just aesthetics, it can’t be denied their great designs are also a big benefit. Your dog might not care too much, but it’s always nicer to have something that matches your decor and looks luxurious, isn’t it?

Just check out all the great designs/ colours the Bamboo Beds from Oscar & Digby are available in. So, if you want to pamper your pooch and ensure their bed matches your home decor luxury dog beds are exactly what you need.

So, that’s everything you need to know about the great benefits of luxury dog beds. Check out the rest of our website to browse our selections, and remember no dog bed is complete without some luxury dog blankets for that extra bit of comfort.

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