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DYWM Photography Project – LGBTQ+ people and their rescue dogs

LGBTQ+ people and their rescue dogs

LGBTQ+ people and rescue dogs

The Swish London team are huge advocates of the LGBTQ+ community. We would like to share with you a fantastic project we have been following.

Introducing “Don’t You Want Me,” a global photography endeavour that uncovers the profound connection between queer and trans individuals and their beloved rescue dogs. Through the captivating medium of photos and narratives, this project cultivates empathy, understanding, and admiration. It serves as a platform for LGBTQ+ individuals and their canine companions to share their stories, allowing their experiences to be heard on a worldwide scale.

Witness the transformative power of this project as it delves into the lives of LGBTQ+ people and their rescue dogs. Drawing strength from the unconditional love, compassion, and non-judgmental nature embodied by dogs, participants embark on a journey of healing and personal growth. The reciprocal bond formed between them and their furry companions serves as the backbone of “Don’t You Want Me.” In addition, the project provides support and services to those participants who may be in need, spreading its embrace across the globe.

Through a combination of captivating visuals and personal narratives, the project aims to foster empathy, understanding, and admiration for queer individuals and their rescue dogs. It highlights the unbreakable bond they share, celebrating the unique connection that brings them solace, joy, and transformation.

If you wish to share your own story and become a part of this remarkable project, please visit the designated link. And for those who would like to support this initiative, your contributions are greatly appreciated. Join us in embracing “Don’t You Want Me” and making a difference in the lives of queer individuals and their rescue dogs.


You can support the success of this endeavour by helping them reach people globally, and share their voices in an even deeper way. Highlighting the stories of the queer and trans community is the single most vital piece to creating connection and change in a society. They’ve also created a support fund to help provide much needed services and support to their participants, when there is a situation that threatens to adversely affect their health or well-being. Whether you give one time or – even better! – monthly, you are a big part of their mission to tell stories and foster compassion and equality.

The Stories

Please read the stories from the project…

A Brighton Story

The project includes a heart warming story from ‘EJ’, a fabulous tale from one of our very own Brightonians!

Buddy, EJ and Binky (l-r), Brighton UK. (Featured in the article image)
Identity: Trans man

”I asked about Buddy and they brought him out for me to see. He was so scared he couldn’t walk, he just dragged himself along the ground on his belly crying and then rolled up in a ball when I went near him. I didn’t know if I’d even be able to get him home and really, it hit me, this was not like getting a dog, even a hurt dog. This was going to be an enormous commitment. But I couldn’t leave him. He would have died. I realised that I just had to trust that good would triumph and if I didn’t have faith, no-one would. So I took a deep breath and picked him up and took him back to town and went straight with him to my girlfriend and said here’s your new little boy. She burst into tears.”

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