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Cancer-fighting dogs honoured as movie stars in Universal Pictures’ ‘A Dog’s Journey’

Swish London Blog - A Dog's Journey

The big screen shines a light on the life-saving work carried out by Medical Detection Dogs

The sensational new family film ‘A Dog’s Journey’, distributed by Universal Pictures and released on Friday 3 May, has shone a stunning light on the innovative approach to fighting cancer used by Medical Detection Dogs.

Produced by Gavin Polone of the prequel ‘A Dog’s Purpose’ (2017), which grossed over $205 million worldwide, and based on the book written by W. Bruce Cameron, a rollercoaster plot features a dog called Bailey (voiced by Josh Gad) who develops a special bond with his owners that transforms their lives.

An emotional adventure through multiple lives sees Bailey, CJ (Kathryn Prescott) and CJ’s best friend Trent (Henry Lau) experience the highs and lows of joy and heartbreak.

The film, which at one point shows the protagonist surviving cancer due to an early diagnosis resulting from Bailey’s alert, takes on particular relevance in light of ground-breaking work over the past few years by Medical Detection Dogs, co-founded by Dr Claire Guest.

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